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About Us

Rallenti Pasta is an artisanal food company using bronze dies to make high quality, fresh, dried and certified gluten-free pasta in Portland, OR.

Adam Berger trained in pasta making in Piedmont before working in Michelin-starred restaurants across Northern Italy. From there, he decided to bring his care and skills in pasta making to Portland. After working at Genoa and Serratto, Adam decided to open his pasta focused, Italian restaurant Tabla. Following many successful years in the fine-dining sector, Adam chose to transfer his skills into his own pasta making business, and so Rallenti was born.

The word "Rallenti" comes from the Italian word meaning to "slow down". It reflects our take on the intricate process of pasta-making. Our pasta is not rushed, it is a meditative act, handled with care and commitment to the craft.

So slow down for a minute with us, and eat better pasta.